OutDoor Kitchen Tips

An outdoor kitchen can be valuable addition to your luxury desert home. For starters, it expands your cooking and eating space. With Phoenix and Tucson getting close to 300 days of sunshines each year, summer is year round and a great time for grilling in the backyard and having friends over for BBQ.

Some of the very best outdoor kitchens are just as efficient as an interior kitchen, and just as engaging as a family room. For some people, a grill, table and chairs is their version of an outdoor kitchen, yet it can be more lavish with a completely equipped kitchen with built-in appliances and fine chairs.

With a multitude of distinctive types of outdoor kitchens, creating the ultimate kitchen for your home doesn't happen overnight. The following are some expert tips to get your outdoor kitchen planning started.

outdoor view of kitchen under wood roof

1. Always have safety in mind
So many people like to design their outdoor kitchen very close to a swimming pool or hot tub which means wet surfaces . Steer clear of flooring that may become very slippery or rugged, and go with flooring that is perfect for the accidental food or beverage spill as well as cooking oils.

2. Location of Kitchen
Be sure you know how your outdoor kitchen will fit into the overall scheme of your home. Will it billow smoke back into the home or your neighbors home?
Will it be near any new landscaping or impact the garden?

3. Size of appliances
You will need to have a very good idea of how large the appliances are going to be to ensure you will have enough kitchen space to cook and move around.

4. Space
Make sure, just like your indoor kitchen that there is enough counter and cabinet space for utensils, dishes, and ready made food for guests.